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Blue Zone (2 year olds and Pre-School)

This term we are using the Tiddly Winks material we have used previously.  This continues to provide us with the best curriculum for this age group.  There is a colouring book that you can use at home to accompany this should you choose to.  This term we are looking at Jesus' life and miracles and finishing the term with the Christmas story.



Yellow Zone 

(Start of Foundation - End of School Year 2)

Yellow Zone follow a 'Bible in a Year' curriculum which includes a home-learning element.

Part of our vision in Kidzone is to support parents in their role as primary educators of their children.  We feel that this curriculum and home bible reading plan is a very effective way of us working together. 

It really is a case of doing as little or as much as you like. The minimum would just be to read the appropriate section on one day during the week.  But you can do much more by using the audio book, completing the activities, or reading around that week’s section. Essentially you can do it one day per week or every day, it’s very flexible. Look at the resources section of the Kidzone page to see what you'll need.


Red Zone

(School Years 3 - 6)

This term Red Zone are working alongside the youth as we study spiritual disciplines. 

We are having a trip to Buckfast Abbey on Sunday 2nd April in the afternoon to learn about silence from a monk.  We're really looking forward to this.  Please ask for a letter next time you're in for more information.

We continue to have our own Kidzone band every five weeks where we encourage some of the older children to join in with their instruments.  We also have Breakout week every five weeks as a purely social time for the children to get to know each other better.