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Young Adults

Welcome to Plymouth Christian Centre. If you are new to Plymouth then we give you a very warm welcome and hope you enjoy our city. We are an Elim Pentecostal church in Cattedown, a 10-minute walk from the City Centre/University - here's how to find us.

Community groups
We currently have two Community Groups for 'young adults'. One for 18-25's and another for people in their 20's/30's. If you are in your early/mid twenties you can pick which one to go to! Or you may prefer to join one of mixed aged groups. Request more info about Community Groups >

Adopt a student
If you are a student then you may be interested in joining our 'Adopt A Student' scheme. You can be assigned a family from the church who will invite you around their home for meals and generally check you are doing well. You can sign up by yourself or with a friend if you prefer.

Regular social events
Whether you are a student or just a young adult we would love to include you in our regular social events. We advertise via texts, email and a Facebook group…email Natalie Fish to join our mailing list.

Lastly...get involved!
If you decide to make Plymouth Christian Centre your home then we highly recommend getting involved by volunteering. When you get involved with the weekly work of a church you quickly feel like you will get to know others and fulfil Jesus' commandment to serve as you do it.

Natalie and Matt Fish oversee the young adults' work, contact them for any further information or just to introduce yourself...we'd love to welcome you to our church.