Prayer - from duty to delight. This series will be during our evening services at 6.30pm. We recommend reading alongside this series the book Prayer, by Tim Keller.

Daily prayer SERIES Daily prayer

(26 July, 6.30pm)
Geoff Lee finishes the Prayer series with a message…

Doing prayer SERIES Doing prayer

(19 July, 6.30pm)
Marc & Julie Nash continue our prayer series.

Deepening prayer SERIES Deepening prayer

(12 July, 6.30pm)
Sheila Strolz continues our Prayer series with a talk…

Touchstones SERIES Touchstones

(28 June, 6.30pm)
Paul Wright continues our series on Prayer with a chapter…

Lord's Prayer SERIES Lord's Prayer

(7 June, 6.30pm)
Aaron Barry talks about The Lord's Prayer.

Q&A session - prayer SERIES Q&A session - prayer

(31 May, 6.30pm)
Geoff Lee recaps over what we have covered so far in…

Learning Prayer SERIES Learning Prayer

(24 May, 6.30pm)
Eric Haytor talks about learning prayer.

Understanding Prayer SERIES Understanding Prayer

(17 May, 6.30pm)
David Beresford talks about understanding Prayer.

Desiring Prayer SERIES Desiring Prayer

(10 May, 6.30pm)
Geoff Lee starts off the new Sunday evening series, Prayer,…