Embracing the Love of God

Based on the book 'Embracing the love of God' by James Bryan Smith. We take a look at the promise of God's love to transform our most important relationships and fulfill our deepest spiritual needs.

Caring for one another SERIES Caring for one another

(17 April, 10.30am) David Beresford concludes our series on 'Embracing…

Caring for ourselves SERIES Caring for ourselves

(10 April, 10.30am) Geoff Lee talks about caring for ourselves and all…

God's care SERIES God's care

(3 April, 10.30am) Geoff Lee speaks on 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety…

Forgiving one another SERIES Forgiving one another

(20 March, 10.30am) Geoff Lee outlines some myths regarding forgiveness…

Forgiving ourselves SERIES Forgiving ourselves

(13 March, 10.30am) Jeremy Martin speaks on the power of forgiving ourselves.

The forgiveness of God SERIES The forgiveness of God

(6 March, 10.30am) Geoff Lee speaks on the parable of the unmerciful servant…

Accepting one another SERIES Accepting one another

(21 Feb, 10.30am) Geoff Lee talks on accepting one another.

Accepting ourselves SERIES Accepting ourselves

(14 Feb, 10.30am)
Geoff Lee speaks on accepting ourselves.

The lost sons - accepted by God SERIES The lost sons - accepted by God

(7 Feb, 10.30am)
Geoff Lee starts off our new series Embracing the Love…