Stories Jesus told

Evening series looking at the parables of Jesus.

Yeast SERIES Yeast

(26 Feb, 6.30pm) Natalie Fish concludes our parable series by looking at…

The unmerciful servant SERIES The unmerciful servant

(19 Feb, 6.30pm) David Beresford speaks on the theme of forgiveness, as…

The prodigal son SERIES The prodigal son

(5 Feb, 6.30pm) Marc and Julie Nash speak on the different perspectives…

Hidden treasure SERIES Hidden treasure

(29 Jan, 6.30pm) Maldwyn Jones speaks on Jesus parable of the hidden treasure.

Mustard seed SERIES Mustard seed

(22 Jan, 6.30pm) Paul Wright speaks on Jesus' parable of the mustard seed.

New wine SERIES New wine

(15 Jan, 6.30pm) Geoff Lee speaks on the parable of new wine into old wineskins.…