We are meeting online on a Friday and Sunday at 7pm via Zoom.

For safeguarding reasons, we send parents/young people a link via email which you join at the appropriate time. Please email us at anytime if you want to join us. 

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Online resources

There are lots of great online resources to encourage your teenagers and help promote discussion. 

Limitless Elim on YouTube

Introoutro on YouTube

Youth for Christ  

Family resources

Each week we post a short family resource which follows on from our weekly teaching with the young people. 

Advent 1: Hope

Advent 2: Love

Onward: mentoring

A discipleship tool for young people and young adults who are already Christians but want to make progress in their Christian journey .This is designed to run over a term, and they will commit to meeting a mentor (ourselves or another trusted member of the team) around 6 times, for some focused 1:1 learning together. Find out more.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments for Rachel and Hamish, our youth leaders.


Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...