Schedule & Prices

We charge for childcare and meals separately.  Breakfast is optional and costs £2, lunch is compulsory for those buying the morning or day sessions and costs £3, tea is free.  Our sessions are designed to minimise transitions during the day and help create the relaxed homely environment.  You are however, welcome to drop off and pick up at anytime within the session you have booked.


We offer grant sessions for 3 - 4 year olds both for 15 and 30 hours per week and we also accept Me2 funded children. You can use your grants for childcare, but not against meals, so choose the afternoon session if you don't want to pay anything.


Morning session: 7.45am-12.45pm (£32)

The children are served a light breakfast during this session if you have opted for this.  Please see the blackboard in the entrance hall that shows what the children will be eating each day.  They will have opportunity to play inside and out during the main part of this session, choosing their own activities or guided by adults.  A hot, two course lunch is served at 11.30 followed by a rest period and quiet time before the end of the session. 

Afternoon session: 1pm-6pm (£32) 

Shorter afternoon session: 1pm-5pm (£26) 

More planned activities and free play...creative play, messy play, puppets, outside play, circle time, singing time.  This session includes a free snack and a tea which is served from 4pm.

Top up: 4pm-5pm (£6)

Top up: 5pm-6pm (£6) 

Top up late finish: 5.45pm-6pm (£2)

Whole day  7.45am to 5.45pm (£54)


Short day 8.30am - 4pm (£47) 

Optional breakfast (£2) 

Lunch meal - obligatory with morning or day sessions (£3.50)


*We also charge a £10 admin fee for any non-nursery related admin e.g. passport and student finance forms and £20 for late payment of invoices.